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Van Triest Engineering is a young dynamic company with a wide range of products, all our products a related to heating applications such as hot water, steam, hot air or thermal oil, for small or big heat demands.

We focus ourselves on delivering boiler and burner systems with state of the art technology. Frequency drives in our burner systems are for many years a standard delivery as also electronic burner controls.

For existing heating systems we can offer burner retrofits to lower the emissions and achieve big savings. We offer Low Nox combustion heads, frequency drives, mechanical or electronic burner controls and intelligent oxygen controls.

Our intelligent oxygen controls are controlling based on the lowest possible oxygen level of your installation without forming monoxide, it does not control on a fixed oxygen value to maintain as our competitors are offering.

Also our burner controls our high efficient, no pre purge before starting witch saves time and temperature drops in the process temperatures, auto reset on selected failures. To have a burner installation that saves our customers on energy and gas consumption.

As a LAMTEC agent for the North American market we deliver a lot of products to small and big burner companies. We supply them with knowledge and service and product training courses for all LAMTEC products. We support them on project design, product selection, construction, start-up if needed and after sales.