Technical description

  • 19" Plug in module (3 HE, 8 TE)
  • Combined flame monitoring system (optical and ionization, for existing electrodes also)
  • Two channel fail safe operation with electronically self check
  • Digital flame frequency evaluation
  • Status information via LED's
  • Test jacks for intensity (for optical and ionization-signal)
  • UV- and IR-flame sensors
  • Ionization electrode

The F 151 in combination with the relevant flame sensors is a safeguard to simultaneously monitoring of, for instance, two separate flames (ignition, backing and main flame) on the basis of ionization and optical flame monitoring.The F151 is in compliance with the above configuration with a specific extension module for control functions.
The F151 is used to record the burner flame independently of the conditions in the combustion chamber (e.g., glowing lining) in firing system and to release the control command to shut-off fuel supply in case of flame failure. The F 151 and F151E is a safeguard in compliance with the DIN EN 298 and DIN EN 230 norms. It is preferably used in firing systems of power and heating stations operated with oil, gas or mixture burners.


More information:
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