Heating installations are the core business of Van Triest Engineering, with more as twenty five years of experience in the field, with all kinds of applications in various industries. We consider our self to be a unique partner when it comes to creative heating solutions.

Van Triest Engineering represents several well-known brands, with full support from the manufacturer we can provide our customers a high service standard, with genuine parts and factory trained service engineers. To get the maximum efficiency and life span out of your investment.

Our products and services cover the full heating spectrum needs, from a new hot water or steam boiler up to all its related products: Gas/Oil burners, Water level controls, Blow down controls and water treatment and its reporting with a dedicated web based application. Here system operators can enter all 'daily' or 'weekly' measured values to store and graph, or if desired store live data from your system in to our servers. To generate a detailed history of water treatment values and system performance.

Service and repair is beyond doubt our most important department, we offer a wide range of Predictive and Corrective maintenance methods;  Boiler performance scans, Chemical cleaning, Hydraulically flame-tube removal, Boiler re-tubing, Tube-sheet replacement, Magnetic investigation. For combustion equipment and their controls we can offer the following; Burner performance scans, Thermo graphic inspections, Vibration measurements, Inline fan balancing