F200K Ex

Compact case with integrated flame sensor and dual amplifier for fail safe operation


  • Intensity adjust in multiple steps
  • Digital circuit design for flame evaluation
  • Status indication by LED's 24 V DC operating voltage
  • Two electronic channel system for fail safe operation and supervision
  • LED bar flame intensity indication and 4 (0) ... 20 mA analog output
  • LED bar trend indication selectable for an optimum adjustment to the flame direction

The Compact Flame Detector is a safety device and comply to DIN EN 230 for oil operation, DIN EN 298 for gas operation and to the additional requirements of DIN VDE 0116. Furthermore the basic requirements for safety function equipment of guideline 97/23/EG (Pressure Device Guideline) and meets as well the guideline 90/396/EWG (Gas Device Guideline) are fulfilled.
The Compact Flame Detector's task is the supervision of the flame, independent from the conditions inside the firing chamber (i.e. glowing bricks or - chamber lining) and when a flame out is detected, to give the signal to shut off the fuel flow.
The Compact Flame Detector is mainly used for furnaces without a complex flame selection demands, for Power- or Heating
Plants, Chemistry Industries which uses fuels like oil, gas, powdered coal or mixed fuel.

Design and operation
The Compact Flame Detector integrates the components of flame sensor and switching amplifier in one cylindrically case, the light incidence aperture is positioned in line with the axis. The F 200 K2... Ex has two external selectable sensitivity ranges, each with a 6-position selector switch for sensitivity and as well frequency transmission ranges according below mentioned technically specifications. This allows an optimum of adaptation to the flame supervision. Cut out filtering for the line frequency and its harmonics is provided. The standard version is intended for 50 Hz line frequency, on request also manufacturing and delivery for 60 Hz applications is possible. The display- and manual setup switches are covered from the case cap at the rear side.
Beside the LED bar graph display for intensity one additional analog output with 4 (0) ... 20 mA for the flame intensity and the
flame condition is available. The LED bar graph display can be used as a help function for adjustment and sensor positioning, enabled by an internal switch. The direct measurement of the flame intensity is provided through test points.

Criterion for selection
Type Range for spectral radiation Application - Fuel
F 200 K2 UV-1 Ex 260 ... 400 nm Oil, gas
F 200 K2 UV-2 Ex 210 ... 380 nm Oil, gas (special gases of refinery- or blast furnaces)
F 200 K2 UV-3 Ex
F 200 K2 IR-1 Ex 1200 ... 2800 nm Oil, gas, coal, firing with high flue gas recirculation, waste gases with yellow color without UV-radiation
respectively with absorption of the UV-radiation by vapor or dust etc.

Technical specification
Supply voltage 24 V DC ± 20%, ≤ 4 Watts
Relay contact closure permissible voltage 50 V DC max. 6 V AC/DC min.
SPDT, isolated permissible current _ 0,5 A max. 1,0 mA min.
Frequency range 10 / 20 / 30 ... 190 Hz
Safety time 'operation' t ≤ 1 sec. (standard), t ≤ 3 sec. (on request, factory setting)
Operating condition for continuous operation
Protection class IP 66
Operating temperature - 20 ... + 60°C
Weight 2,0 kg
Dimension 216 mm; total length diameter: 60 mm / 90 mm
Connection diameter 1 1/4", connection only with adjusting devices FV 19-10 or FV 20-10

Special notes for Ex- protection
1. For cable extensions are to use only the types prescribed by the manufacturer.
2. The establishments are to be considered in particular according EN 60079-14 section 12.2 (cable and grounding).
3. The cable connections of F 200 K ... Ex are to be disconnected only in the currentless condition.
4. The protection type IP66 with opened case cap is not observed, to open only for maintenance / commissioning.
Additional to this specification the topical edition of description and commissioning instructions of F 200 K are valid.

Order information
The compact flame detector F 200 K2 ... Ex (II 2G EEx d IIC T6, PTB 03 ATEX 1051) is delivered with a standard 3 m cable length


More information:
If you want to learn more about the Lamtec F200K Ex, please download the pdf or contact us at sales@combiflame.us

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