Priva NutriFlex

NutriFlex Irrigation unit with mixing tank

Precise application of water and Nutrients is critical to good crop performance. The Priva NutriFlex ensures that crops are provided with the correct fertilizers at every watering. This ensures optimum growth: higher yields, improved colour and flavour, longer shelf life and increased disease resistance. Practical experience has shown that the reliable and flexible Priva NutriFlex is the ideal fertilizer dosing system for any type of crop or size of business.


Safe and reliable

The basic principle is simple. Fertilizer tanks are connected to the NutriFlex. These contain soluble fertilizers dissolved in water. The dissolved fertilizers are injected into the NutriFlex mixing tank, where they are mixed with water and pumped to the crop. The NutriFlex can mix a maximum of ten solutions simultaneously, e.g. nine fertiliser solutions and one acid/alkaline solution. The dual EC and pH measurements provide maximum reliability. The entire process is controlled via your Priva process computer.

Flexible and efficient

The NutriFlex can be used with overhead or drip irrigation and ebb and flood systems. The acidity can be adjusted with acid or alkali. This makes the NutriFlex extremely suitable for applications of soilless growth systems.

The NutriFlex is available in a range from 15 to 70 cubic metres per hour.  Within these capacities, a number of system pressures are available. The Priva NutriFlex is easy to integrate into existing configurations and provide efficient solutions for any size of business.

With or without  Intégro process computer

You can choose from a wide range of operator languages to suit your local situation. The Priva NutriFlex dosage systems are available in two basic versions;

  • A Stand-alone NutriFlex, withintegrated control.
  • An integrated NutriFlex that can be remotely connected to an existing process computer

An attractive investment in durability

NutriFlex systems are extremely durable and require very little maintenance. The greater part of the system is made of stainless steel and durable plastics and the number of moving parts is kept to a minimum as a result of the use of venturi dosing. The Priva NutriFlex provides a compact and durable fertilizer dosing solution. It is an investment that offers exceptional value for money.


  • Efficient fertilizer dosing for all types of crop
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Compact structure on stainless steel frame
  • Flexible extension options
  • Available with or without integrated Priva process computer
  • Attractive price/performance ratio
  • Minimum number of moving parts

Configurations 15 to 70 m³

  • Frame size 120 x 160 x 135 cm
  • Possibility of local Display
  • 300 litre tank
  • Dosage channel up to 600 litres/hour
  • Up to 10 fertilizer dosing channels
  • Dual EC and pH measurements for maximum reliability

Main functions

Irrigation functions of your choice from the huge Priva software liabary such as:

Climate control options


  • Total water consumption, EC and pH logging per valve on daily basis
  • Drain quantity and logging
  • Volume measurement
  • Light or radiation measurement

Irrigation control

  • Fertilizer recipes
  • EC pre-control option
  • Radiation influence on EC
  • Water and fertilizer stock control
  • Control of several rigs simultaneously
  • Large number of start groups
  • - Start on clock, radiation or drain
  • - Time or volume based irrigation
  • No limit on irrigation valves
  • Rinse valves
  • Flexible valve allocation


  • Printer or PC for logging and operation
  • Extensive monitoring and alarm facilities on all measurements and control functions
  • PC connection to Priva Office Direct for data logging, internet access and on screen graphs


More information:
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