Introduction - Combustion

LAMTEC, Sensors and Systems for combustion technology, comprehensive know-how in optimisation of combustion plants, broad installation base, most of the well-known European combustion manufacturers use Lamtec devices for control, monitoring, and regulation of modern, low-emission burners, close cooperation with their customers and research facilities to use the full potential in the field of combustion technology. Their systems are able to enhance efficiency, save resources and reduce pollution. High flexibility, innovative strength and the ability to resolve problems characterize LAMTEC as a reliable partner.

Vitotherm belongs to the Dutch leading manufacturers of gas and oil burners. They develop, construct high-quality technical products for industry and Horticulture. their burners are amongst the most reliable and advanced on the market. Product innovations come directly from daily practice. they are continuously searching for possibilities to improve their products and pragmatic solutions for new challenges. Because they develop and produce everything themselves, they can fit in with your specific wishes directly on each project. For instance, greater capacity or changes to the design or color. Absolutely everything can be discussed, as long as they can guarantee the quality that Vitotherm stands for.