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Heating is colloquially considered a luxury, and more in a country like Mexico, where the heat is taken as a daily. But when it comes to specialized industrial processes or performance and production in greenhouses, heating is not a luxury, it is an absolute necessity.

And as part of an industrial process, not a question that can be left to chance, is a matter of vital importance that may mean increasing the profit margin of a company, or total loss of investment in it.

Understanding this fundamental need, in Van Triest Engineering Group works to give the customer not only products of the best brands with proven quality, but also the necessary technical support for users who decide not see your confidence in your investment risk.

The mission of Van Triest Engineering is to provide the best product, best support and better care.

Compact case with integrated flame sensor and switching amplifier

Intensity adjust in multiple steps

Digital circuit design for flame evaluation

Status indication by LEDs 24 V DC operating voltage

Two electronic channel system for fail safe operation and supervision

LED bar flame intensity indication and 4 (0) ... 20 mA analog output

LED bar trend indication selectable for an optimum adjustment to the flame direction


The compact flame monitor F200K integrates the components of flame sensor and switching amplifier in one cylindrically case, the light incidence aperture is positioned in line with the axis.